Friday, 17 April 2015

To The Land Of Crumpets! | Ellysage Goes to London #BTS

We know you've been wondering.. how did we manage to do a shoot in London? We received so many questions on our that we decided to write a longer blog post for it!

Our co-founder, Sam, was travelling to the lovely city of London for personal reasons, when it just so happened that our model, Gwen, and her up-and-coming videographer friend Rizza were dropping by too! It didn't take much for the ideas to start flowing. Thus began the exciting journey to create a the Ellysage Goes to London Lookbook!

If you have yet to watch it, show us a little love and click on the little play button right below!

Ellysage London Lookbook from RZZ Productions.

Prior to the shoot, Gwen popped by our office to collect some outfits that the team prepared for our lookbook shoot - so, props to our lovely team for being able to put these outfits together! :) The constraint with shooting overseas, was that we had to make sure that everything we needed for the shoot could fit in Gwen's luggage. It's unlike shooting in Singapore, where we have the luxury of bringing many pairs of shoes and unlimited props - as long as they can fit in the car.

Our videographer, Rizza, chose the 2 locations - Hyde Park and Soho. Another tricky thing about shooting overseas, is that we don't have the luxury of scouting out the location prior to the shoot. Rizza went with his gut and we were so lucky that everything went smoothly. London was extremely picturesque, so it was no problem finding cute little spots to film. The weather was also amazing (about 18 degrees Celsius but really sunny!) so we didn't feel tired at all from the shoot! 

Of course, all this would not have happened without the efforts from our lovely model Gwen, and videographer Rizza. So thank you guys, you helped make all this happen! It was fun taking Ellysage to London, we hope you enjoyed the lookbook as much as we did filming it! Meanwhile, here are some behind-the-scenes visuals!

xx, Jolaine

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