Wednesday, 8 April 2015

6 Tips to get School-Prepped!

It's that month again, where the school gates reopen to welcome students to yet another year! Whether it's your first year at a new school, or your final year of tertiary education, it's always essential to stay prepared and ever-ready for what' to come. So we have compiled some of our top tips for you to stay focused and ready to take on every day of your upcoming school semester. :)

TIP #1: Sleep well, eat clean, and exercise

It's the mantra for a good body and a focused mind. We know the sucky feeling of waking up super early in the morning and feeling like you haven't rested enough, especially if you have another long day ahead of you. Never underestimate the power that good sleep can do for you. Your body requires sufficient rest in order to be ready to take on the next day. 

Eating clean is also essential. No need to go out on extensive diets, just be sure to pop in a little bit of fruit here and there, and as always - everything in moderation. A colourful meal with assorted vegetables, fruits and meat is all you need. 

Exercise might just be a word that everyone dreads. But once again, there's no need for hardcore gym sessions or marathons on a daily basis. If you have no time, simple exercise circuits can be done at home, to still keep your body moving, and your blood pumping. You could be watching your favourite show on TV, whilst doing simple sit-ups during every advertisement break, or you could simply do a bit of before-bed yoga - anything that you feel comfortable doing.

TIP #2: Have breakfast!

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

A quote you have always heard. It's a simple step to take everyday, but it'll make a whole lot of difference. Having breakfast in the morning kick-starts your body, and provides you with enough energy to overcome the challenges ahead. It has also been proven that having a hearty breakfast gives for higher concentration and focus in class!

If you are always about to rush out the door, a simple bowl of cereal could do the trick, paired with an orange for some healthy sugar-rush!

TIP #3: Write notes!

It doesn't matter whether you're in lecture or in class; taking notes is always a good habit to have! Documenting what happens makes for a clearer mind, and it's also easier to see everything on a piece of paper. If you're forgetful, this tip can come even more in handy! And it doesn't just have to be notes. It could be lists, or little bits and pieces that you choose to write with pen and paper. 

Psst, writing notes also gives you something to do, and keeps you occupied during classes so you won't fall asleep. ;)

TIP #4: Go easy on the coffee!

It's easy to get dependent on that cup of steaming hot coffee, after all, it's what most of us rely on for a quick pick-me-up. But it's essential to drink just 400mg of coffee a day - that's 4 cups. In fact, drinking more than the healthy amount could be more harm than good! Too much caffeine in the body could result in restlessness, insomnia and even stomach upset. 

TIP #5: Don't forget to chill out!

With piles of work to complete, or lists of things to do, it's more important than ever to have an outlet for the stress. Whether it's having brunch with a bunch of friends, or even spending some solitary me-time reading your favourite book; spending time doing something else other than work is important. It helps you clear the mind, and at the end of the day, it'll make you feel more refreshed!

TIP #6: De-clutter

You don't need to be a neat-freak to heed this tip. Naturally, messy spaces would lead to messy minds. If there's clutter where you work, you'll find it harder to concentrate. Ditch that messy paper pile, and those stack of books collecting dust. You can even get mini shelves, or book dividers from bookshops. 

And there you have it! Those are our 6 tips for getting yourself ready and prepared for a brand new school year. We hope that you may succeed in whatever your goal is, and that your school year will be a brilliant one. To more As and more happy memories!

xx, Jolaine

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