Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Sneak Into April | #Styleguide

Hey ladies! It's the beginning of a new month, so it's only apt to bring on a brand new style guide! With April comes a brand new school year for some of you lovelies, so in this guide, we bring you school-appropriate, wearable styles for your school days.  Featured in this style guide are apparels that you can look forward to seeing in April's launches, so keep your eyes peeled for some awesome pieces to keep in your wishlist! :)

Of Checks And Stripes

Checkered and stripey prints will honestly never go out of style, and you can never go wrong with them either. So why not combine both stylish prints into one! We got out checkered vibes from our upcoming Feyth New In Style Jacket, which is also perfect for cold air-conditioned classrooms. Keep warm and cosy without losing out on the style factor! We decided to layer our Feyth New In Style Jacket with our Alic Winterland Dress, which is a great mix of monochrome and a timeless shift dress shape. Of course, every good outfit needs a pair of awesome kicks to finish it all off, so why not go for our Blakely Black Metal Shoes in black for a clean finish. Don't forget our Elianna Back to School Backpack to throw you laptop and all your school necessities in. 

All Casual

In Singapore's weather, shorts are an essential. Our Jojo Perfectly Frayed Highwaist Shorts are perfect for that! It's a simple staple pair of shorts that every girl needs in her wardrobe. And of course, we all know how it's like when you just roll out of bed on a Monday morning, where all you'll wanna wear is a simple, casual cosy top - nothing too dressy. Fret not girls, we've got you covered. Our Cherleen Fuzzy Buzzy Top and our Callie Red Alert Shirt is a Monday-must-have. Tops like these are just a no-brainer; simply throw on and go! And you won't need to worry about looking messy too. Long-sleeved tops always have a way of making you look effortlessly put-together. What's a day in school without a trusty ol' bagpack? Our Ysabel Zipper Bagpack is just what you'll need for school. With its easy fuss-free single zip, all you'll have to do is throw in your school needs, and you're all ready to go!

One Piece Wonder

It's hard to look consistently presentable when you're up for school 5 days a week.... We feel ya. But hey, those days are what simple dresses like these are made for! Take our Layla Drama Dress for example; it's simple and timelessly black. There's no need for much thought when it comes to throwing it on, just pair it with a simple necklace and you're all good! Our Mia Back in Black Dress is also perfect for lazy days. It's comfy, it's stripey, and it has pockets. What more can you want from a dress?? All you have to do now is throw on our Oralie The Hobo Bag and our Zion Zig Zagged Shoes for the finishing touch. With such minimalistic, simple outfits, it's also good to give your lips an additional pop of color, so a nice rosy shade will do!

Printed Colours

Cheery colours can sometimes be all your need to start a day right! Get your dose of florals with our Lillian Finders Keepers Dress and our Anastasia Keepsake Night Dress. Dresses like these make you look instantly dressy and girly without much effort needed! Just let the cute prints speak for themselves. We especially love how they're structured. A classic, flattering shape and an array of colours, with our Jenica Weaved Sandals to end the outfit off well!

With a new month comes new beginnings, so let's start it fresh! Don't forget to drink lots of water, and to always get plenty of sleep! We will also be blogging about some of our top tips for staying focused and all prepped for school, so don't forget to keep a lookout for that! In the meanwhile, stay sweet. <3

xx, Jolaine

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