Monday, 22 June 2015

THANK YOU for 10k on Instagram!

Our team has been crazy busy this June that we haven't had time to properly celebrate us hitting 10k followers on Instagram!!! So, thank you, thank you, thank you, each and every one of you! Thanks for the follow, the likes, the comments, and the unwavering support!

From now till 25 June (Thursday, 2359hrs), use the code CELEBRATE to get 20% OFF all regular-priced items with a minimum purchase of 2 items!

#teamellysage would like to thank each and every one of you for your support thus far. Our team is definitely motivated to strive for the next milestone! 20k here we come!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Summer Daze | June #Styleguide

With June comes the beginning of the summer season, and although Singapore is considered a sunny country all-year round, we still couldn't resist a chance to add more colours and summer styles into our wardrobe! This styleguide comes with plenty of outfit ideas to last your month, with upcoming apparels from our future June collections!

Earth Tonalities

The summer season means it's high time to bring our your brightest colours. But for all you girls who don’t prefer going all rainbow, don’t worry! You can always start by adding subtle earthy tones into your wardrobe. 

Take our Etan On Sharp Top in Beige for example, it’s definitely a contrast from black and white, and it’s going to match everything you have. 

Our Nick Close Call Pants in White is also perfect to wear with everything else you have. But it’s not just of a solid colour, its stripes never fail to add edge to any top. 

Lastly, top it all off (or should we say, cover it all off) with our Belden Wild Life Parka in Green. The colour is definitely not something too bright and fancy, but its a start towards adding colours into your wardrobe.

Complete your look with a simple, muted make up to top it all off!

All Lined Up

If there’s one style that never goes out of trend, it’s stripes. When in doubt, you know you’ll never go wrong when you throw on a simple striped top, bottom or dress.

Look forward to plenty of stripes in our upcoming collection, from our Alexia Race Me Top in White, completed with a daring mesh detailing, to our Doris Earn It Top in Navy, easy to slip on, comfy, and airy for the hot summery days ahead. 

Compliment your stripey ensemble with our Evan Knot Pants in Grey, a clean cut, flattering pair of pants that go well with well.. practically everything.

Even out the striped vibes with a simple black carry-on, like our Gigi Black Days Bag!


Solid colours are a no-brainer; we always revert to them when in a dilemma. We have some upcoming pieces that you’ll wanna have in your closet!

Go easy-breezy with our Belden Wild Life Parka in Navy, which is definitely one of our favourites. It adds structure and is an effortless way to throw in a pop of colour. 

A basic white top like our Hanson Plain Top in White is a must-have, holy grail. It goes well with anything you’ll wanna coordinate, and its a basic piece for layering! 

For those who don’t stray from the basics, the Cedric Werk It Dress is just the one for you! Add an extra twist with the bare-shoulder detailing, that makes this dress one that’s great for lazy days!

Embroided Matter

Embody the summer vibes in a subtler by donning embroidery! There’s something about embroided apparels that give off a beach, holiday feel, and that’s exactly what we need.

Start with something cute and girly, like our Gianni Summer Daisies Top in Black. We’re all suckers for sunflowers, and we’re pretty sure you are too. 

If you’re in for something more sophisticated, then our Reverie Pale Moon Top in Navy is the one you got to have. Completed with a cut out detailing, you know you’ll get more than one wear out of this, simply because its so airy. Something that we’ll definitely need once the temperature starts to rise.

Complete your looks with our Jason Squad Sport Pants in Black. A simple, black pair of pants can go a long way.


Let’s be real; every season is floral season. Floral prints come in all styles and patterns, but what we’re really loving this season are floral dresses.

Take our Quiliam Lavender Dress for example. It’s everything you’ll need in a dress, airy, light, and easy to prance around in. Never be caught in a sticky, sweaty situation with this number.

The Javon Nature Girl Dress is also one not to be missed, especially if you’re looking for something more fancy. We love the bright, fluorescent colours, complimenting the white. This is one you’ll want in your wardrobe.

The (ITEM NAME) makes morning preparations easier for all of us. Especially because its hassle-free! But that doesn’t compromise your appearance; this Haldor Flower of Green Dress is a one-stop step for looking preppy and put-together.

Sun City

And of course, how could we have a Summer season without compiling a beach day ensemble? Now's the perfect way to hit the shores with our Amethyst Fire Ring Bikini, which will definitely get heads turning; the good way!

Every beach babe needs a cute cover-up, so try our Noa Lace Fringe on! It's light and flowy, so it's super easy to pack in your beach tote for a summer day's out.

Another alternative to bikinis would be the Olsen Stone Flower Top. It's light material makes beach days fuss-free, so there's no hassle for you. We love its sweet embroided detailing as well, definitely a plus!

June might be half gone, but we're soaking in whatever we have left! Time has flew by in the blink of an eye, and we're already done with half the year, so despite the busy schedules, slot in a moment or two a day to appreciate the simpler and finer things in life, shall we? *winks Till the next #styleguide!

xx, Jolaine

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Chasing the Deep Blue Lookbook | Ellysage x Ximula Sail

Over the past week, we were able to set sail on a yacht to St. John island for a lookbook shoot! We've got stunning Nautical and Summer launches this june, so what better way to showcase our apparels than to head out to sea on Ximula Sail! The following visuals of Joanna (@joannalhs) have been captured by the talented Natalie Lim (@creativenatty)! Do check out her works and give her a follow on Instagram!

We also had a Lookbook video filmed whilst we were breezing through the seas! Check out the vid down below, shot and produced by the dedicated team at RZZ Productions (@RZZProductions)!


We are having a giveaway in collaboration with Ximula Sail! Simply follow the instructions in the banner below and you might just be the lucky one setting sail real soon.

This lookbook would not be possible without these people, so before we end off, we would like to send out a huge thank you to:
Ximula Sail, Rzzproductions, Joanna, and Natalie! You guys are awesome!

If you have any enquiries or questions for Ximula Sail, you can drop them an email at! You can also enjoy 10% off your first Ximula Sail charter if you quote <ELLYSAGE>!

xx, Team Ellysage

Monday, 1 June 2015

#OOTD Tips | Part #1

Hey there girlies!

Who doesn't love a good #ootd? Especially when you're looking exceptionally fine that day! But #ootds aren't as easy as they look.... especially for the less-experienced. We've compiled 3 nifty tips and tricks that are great for that perfect snap!

1#: Know Your Angles:

Everybody has their own flattering angle, and it's important that you find your own! Whether it's the a front angle, a high angle, or a low angle. Experiment and play around, and you'll eventually find out what best suits you!

#2: Pose Like You Own It:

It's fun playing around with different poses, so go crazy! We have the typical front pose, back-turn pose, an the side-view pose, all very easy to mimic. Whether you're more camera-confident, or a little more on the shy side, there's definitely a pose for you.

#3: It's All About You:

The Candid

For all you smiley-mileys out there, let your personality shine! There's nothing much attractive than a girl with a bright smile, and it comes so naturally!

The Cam Shy

Some of us are camera-shy, but that doesn't mean you should completely opt out of a fancy #ootd! You can always find poses that make you feel the most comfortable, like outfit-only photos, or looking-down shots!

The Serious Sistah

Bring on the Vogue face. If you're all about taking it to the next level, then put on the pout! There's definitely a different element to serious poses that we love. 

We hope these tips are making your excited for your next #ootd! Love the outfit featured in this post? Shop ZENA HALF TIME DRESS and HARVEY TRIANGLE PARTY BLUE!

Special thanks to our awesome co-founder and lady boss, Samantha Soh (@samanthasoh) for posing and letting us go crazy with the photos! <3
Stay tuned for our next #OOTD Tips Part #2, coming real soon. *winks*

xx, Jolaine