Monday, 9 February 2015

Our Manufactured Series Part 3

This week we will be writing about Ellysage's third manufactured series that we brought in just for the upcoming Valentine's day and Chinese New Year!!! :) The outfit in this series can be obtained exclusively at Ellysage!

This series aims add a touch of romanticism and floral to your outfit :) After all, dressed in florals, you can never go wrong, be it for your Valentine's day outfit or for the festive season :)

The first three pieces are pretty much perfect for you if you love to dress up for dates or house visits. They are classy, chic, and definitely highly versatile. Made of neoprene, the material for this series of beautiful floral dresses are glossy and smooth, and the slight weight of the material ensures that it stays cute and swishy even after a long day out!

Another highlight of these dresses would be the special off-shoulder cut that Team Ellysage has carefully chosen for this series. The off-shoulder cut elongates your neckline, further accentuating your sensual and slender image :)

We believe that the best hairstyle that will match these beautiful dresses would be an updo to highlight your femininity. For shoes, these dresses pretty much work well with almost everything, but Team Ellysage believes that the best choice would be a basic pair of classy heels.

Next up would be these two classy peplum top with contrasting floral prints. If you fancy bigger and daring prints, we suggest you pick the white version. Should you be a fan of smaller prints, the red version is definitely a must have for you. These peplum tops are specially designed to highlight and create the image of a slender waist :) Simply a must-have if you are going out for a heavy meal for Valentine's day or planning on eating three helpings during Chinese New Year! ;)

These peplum tops are especially a must have if you are not used to wearing dresses! You can match these tops with a long skirt; long pants, or even shorts! Peplum tops are timeless and will never go out of style, so you can definitely wear these tops on more than one occasion! :)

Happy shopping!

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