Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Part II: Snow White!

Our next Halloween feature is inspired by a Disney favourite, Snow White! While we found it hard to recreate the exact look (truth be told, we do not have any yellow skirts in store now), we tinkered with what we have and came up with three looks! Keep in mind that our objective this Halloween is to make use of our existing wardrobe and get creative!

The main Snow White feature is the red ribbon headband. You also need to make sure that your outfit has a mix of reds and blues. We've used wardrobe staples such as the Keira Dot Up Blouse, Belle High Times Maxi Skirt and Yesenia Precious Doll Skater Dress for the looks below. Finish up your look by skipping around town and holding out your hands like you're waiting for chirping birds to land on your fingers! It's all about how you carry yourself with this look!

We've done up three looks: the Classic Snow White, the Girly/Young Snow White, and the Chic Snow White! What do you think?

P.S. The apparels above can be used to achieve the look below. Talk about making full use of our wardrobe! Haha!

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