Monday, 1 June 2015

#OOTD Tips | Part #1

Hey there girlies!

Who doesn't love a good #ootd? Especially when you're looking exceptionally fine that day! But #ootds aren't as easy as they look.... especially for the less-experienced. We've compiled 3 nifty tips and tricks that are great for that perfect snap!

1#: Know Your Angles:

Everybody has their own flattering angle, and it's important that you find your own! Whether it's the a front angle, a high angle, or a low angle. Experiment and play around, and you'll eventually find out what best suits you!

#2: Pose Like You Own It:

It's fun playing around with different poses, so go crazy! We have the typical front pose, back-turn pose, an the side-view pose, all very easy to mimic. Whether you're more camera-confident, or a little more on the shy side, there's definitely a pose for you.

#3: It's All About You:

The Candid

For all you smiley-mileys out there, let your personality shine! There's nothing much attractive than a girl with a bright smile, and it comes so naturally!

The Cam Shy

Some of us are camera-shy, but that doesn't mean you should completely opt out of a fancy #ootd! You can always find poses that make you feel the most comfortable, like outfit-only photos, or looking-down shots!

The Serious Sistah

Bring on the Vogue face. If you're all about taking it to the next level, then put on the pout! There's definitely a different element to serious poses that we love. 

We hope these tips are making your excited for your next #ootd! Love the outfit featured in this post? Shop ZENA HALF TIME DRESS and HARVEY TRIANGLE PARTY BLUE!

Special thanks to our awesome co-founder and lady boss, Samantha Soh (@samanthasoh) for posing and letting us go crazy with the photos! <3
Stay tuned for our next #OOTD Tips Part #2, coming real soon. *winks*

xx, Jolaine

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