Friday, 20 March 2015

Your Feedback!

We are constantly looking to improve our service and make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable, so we take your feedback very seriously! We have reviewed some feedback given to us by shoppers, and have made worked towards making their suggestions happen. 

One feedback that we received from lovely shopper Fiona was to work with more bloggers! We decided to take that suggestion into consideration, and we recently collaborated with a couple of bloggers and familiar faces on Instagram, such as Brenda (@brenwho), Joanna (@joannalhs), and Mong Chin (@mongabong)! There are a lot more that we are working with and are planning to work with, so if you'd like to check them all out, you can browse through the #ellysage hastag on Instagram!


We know that sometimes, you might have burning questions for our team, that require immediate assistance. Or perhaps, waiting for an email reply might be a little to troublesome for you. But fret not, our dear customer Brenda has brought this issue to light, and as a solution, we added a new live chat platform, so you can just drop us a question while we are online, to receive a reply almost immediately! Lesser waiting time, and more convenience, all with one step!

We're still working on expanding the team, and as such, our live chat isn't always online 24 hours daily. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to have customer service officers manning the live chat every single minute of the day (what can we say, we like to dream big!).


Another lovely customer, Jazreel, has also mentioned that we should work with accessory lines in the fashion industry, to provide a range of accessories that can be used to pair your #ellysage outfits. We have recently worked together with Circus Fling, an online accessory e-commerce store, to bring the world of accessories closer to you! We are also in talks with other partners to continue providing you with a platform to shop for both apparels and accessories - talk about killing two birds with one stone!


As mentioned before, we are always looking to improve our service to provide you with the best shopping experience possible, and we are open to any suggestions or feedback that you might have for us! You can provide us with your recommendations or thoughts through our feedback form, available in an online version in your order history, or the hard copy version mailed together with your orders! Alternatively, you can also mail suggestions in to :)

As always, happy shopping, and we hope you have an excellent day ahead! <3

xx, Jolaine

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