Friday, 12 September 2014

Positive Reviews!

We were caught by surprise with this review of our site. It was totally unexpected, and it definitely made our day! Quoting from Singapore Blogshops Online, Ellysage has "the best customer service" and "are always willing to listen to customers' feedback"

Drawing lessons from Jeff Bezos of, a web-based store definitely is held to a higher standard than physical stores. Even if our clothes are cheaper, better, and more unique than retail stores, there is an expectation that we will go out of our way to give the best service possible. A slight blunder on our side can result in negative word of mouth, which we know, spreads like wildfire on the Internet. 

Retail stores have the benefit of allowing you to touch and try an item before making a purchase. Furthermore, they have the benefit of immediate gratification - you get to bring home your purchases right away. This definitely adds pressure to online stores.

Nonetheless, we agree that it's the way it should be. As the saying goes, diamonds are made under pressure. We love what we do, and we love meeting if not exceeding customers' expectations. And without constant pressure to continuously outperform, how else can Ellysage improve? So while we enjoy reading positive feedback, we welcome all critiques to help us get better every day!

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