Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bit by bit

Hurray! Another upgrade to our site just went live yesterday. If you haven't been to our site, go check it out! We now have a vibrant and fresh display for every individual item page! Our measurements are now nicely listed in a table, which will definitely help you when you are comparing the measurements between sizes! You will notice that if an item is only available in one size, it will clearly state there "One Size Only".

Another major change we want to highlight is our new zoom function! Previously, to view the large image, you would have to click on the picture and a lightbox pops out. Based on the feedback we gathered, customers did not like having the pop out box, and it wasn't very effective as you had to scroll up and down your window just to view the large image.

What you will notice with our new zoom function is that you can click zoom+ and zoom- to zoom in and out. You can also hover over the image and use your mouse scroll to zoom in and out. Definitely very convenient! You can also drag the image within the frame to view particular portions of an item. An example is shown below in which we zoomed in and dragged the image around to look at different parts of the dress.

Go check it out and tell us what you think! We want to hear your suggestions! Also, if you have the time, do help us out by taking part in our survey! We are in the midst of implementing a no questions asked, fuss-free returns and exchange policy, and your comments will definitely help us fine tune our policy!

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